Augusta Raurica. The streets were laid on a solid bed of gravel and flanked by gutters on both sides. 165-170. The excavation site and the late Roman castle, the Castrum Rauracense, are listed as heritage sites of national significance, as are the early Christian baptisterium and the brick kiln at Liebrüti.[1]. This would indicate that the colony reached over the Bözberg toward Frick, with the Thiersteinberg below Frick forming the eastern boundary. Founded by Lucius Munatius Plancus (90 BCE - 15 BCE) around 44-43 BCE, Augusta Raurica is the oldest Roman colony constructed along the Rhine. Jahrhundert hatte Augusta Raurica alles, was zu römischen Leben gehört. Das Erdbeben, das sich am 18. [Felix] (?) Mittelalter - Zeitschrift des Schweizerischen Burgenvereins / Moyen age / Medioevo / Temp medieval, 11(3), pp. Zusammenfassung für das Projektgebiet Gebiet in der Schweiz. A fragmentary inscription from the Augustinian period speaks of the Colonia P[aterna] (?) Die Koloniestadt Augusta Raurica als Fallbeispiel. CD and Report (in german; available from the authors) Google Scholar. WFS 2.0.0 keine Die Nutzung des Dienstes setzt das Akzeptieren der Nutzungsbedingungen voraus; siehe https The limits of Colonia Raurica can no longer be determined with absolute accuracy. Publisher: Schweizerischer Burgenverein. ISBN 9781472478689. ... Augusta Raurica, Vindonissa , Colonia Iulia Equestris und Forum Claudii Vallensium . Augusta Raurica, nebo také Colonia Augusta Rauracorum, byla římská kolonie založena Luciusem Munatiusem Plancusem okolo roku 44 př. erlebte die wohlhabende Kolonie der romanisierten Rauriker ihre Blütezeit mit bis zu 20.000 Einwohnern. Julia Augusta: images of Rome’s first empress on the coins of the Roman Empire. New research, based on tiles stamped with the mark of the Vindonissa Legion, indicates some administrative dependence on Vindonissa. By Regula Schatzmann. Archaeological site and museum in Switzerland, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Swiss inventory of cultural property of national and regional significance,, 1st-century BC establishments in the Roman Republic, Buildings and structures in Basel-Landschaft, Cultural property of national significance in Aargau, Cultural property of national significance in Basel-Landschaft, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles lacking in-text citations from May 2013, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 21:20. This created a series of rectangular blocks of around 50 by 60 meters. Augusta Raurica – Spuren eines Erdbebens in der Mitte des 3. Augusta Raurica, or Colonia Augusta Rauracorum, was founded by Lucius Munatius Plancus around 44 BC in the vicinity of a local Gallic tribe, the Rauraci, relatives of the Helvetii. In 1442, these communities were divided along the Ergolz and Violenbach [de] rivers. Augusta Raurica is a Roman archaeological site and an open-air museum in Switzerland located on the south bank of the Rhine river about 20 km east of Basel near the villages of Augst and Kaiseraugst. Jh. Archäologischer Übersichtsplan von Augusta Raurica (Stand der Grabungen 1999) […] Obwohl A. stets eine Zivilstadt war und erst im 4. Nachweislich wesentlich älter als Rheinfelden ist die römische Siedlung Augusta Raurica zwischen Basel und Rheinfelden. ─ Ein Besuch in Augusta Raurica - Einmal anders ─ Baden wie die Römer...! ; Fabrizio Galadini / Massimiliano Stucchi : La sismicità del settore atesino delle Alpi centrali (Italia settentrionale); Heimo Dolenz : Ein Erdbeben in der Stadt Alt-Virunum auf dem Magdalensberg? It is the site of the oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine. Baking bread; Crockery-stories; Combat school for gladiators; Children’s birthday party; Patterns made from coloured stones; An afternoon of playing for big and small; Ointments and oils; Archaeology live: «Bring und zeig» For schools. Find out more about all the different adventures that await you here! Augusta Rauricorum). These Roman ruins by the Rhein are Switzerland’s largest, and the last remnants of a colony founded in 43 BC that had grown to 20,000 citizens by the 2nd century. In: Mühlenbrock, Josef; Esch, Tobias (eds.) These two settlements form the centers of the modern communities of Augst and Kaiseraugst. No archaeological evidence from this period has yet been found, leading to the conclusion that, either the settlement of the colony was disturbed by the civil war following the death of Julius Caesar, or that Plancus' colony was actually in the area of modern Basel, not Augst. Herne: Mainz am Rhein : Nünnerich-Asmus Verlag & Media Caspari, Gino (2018). Founding A statue of Plancus, the city's founder, in the city hall of Basel, Switzerland. Zeitschrift des Schweizerischen Burgenvereins, 2006/3:165–170 - Die Koloniestadt Augusta Raurica als Fallbeispiel. The Romans attempted to maintain their military position by building a fortress on the Rhine, Castrum Rauracense, the walls of which are still partly intact. Sie wurde unter Kaiser Augustus um 15 v. Chr. M[unatia] (?) In der Spätantike wurde die Schweiz, ausgehend von den städtischen Zentren, christianisiert. Augusta Raurica was resettled on a much smaller scale on the site of the castrum. unweit vom Hochrhein gegründet. Deutsch: Augusta Raurica ist eine Siedlung aus römischer Zeit am Südufer des Rheins einige Kilometer östlich von Basel. 1416. More things to do in Pratteln. Schatzmann R (2006) Ein Erdbeben? 6 Citations in Scopus, 06 Faculty of Humanities > Department of History and Archaeology > Institute of Archaeological Sciences > Pre- and Early History, Journal Article The eastern part became part of Habsburg territories and, to differentiate between the two towns, was renamed Kaiseraugst. This treasure hoard was found in the fortress in 1961–1962, and it is presumed to have once been the property of a commander. Posted by switzerlandtrip. Early Roman cremation remains, found in 1937 by the church in Neuallschwil, show that such a post did exist on the main road north (toward Blotzheim) into Alsace. - Die Koloniestadt Augusta Raurica als Fallbeispiel. Ein Erdbeben? The more important roads featured covered sidewalks behind rows of columns. You can find out more about exciting research projects, excavations and conservation. The oldest find to date at Augusta Raurica has been dated to 6 BC by dendrochronology. … Jahrhunderts in Augusta Raurica; C. Sebastian Sommer : Vetustate conlapsum, enemy attack or earthquake? (Empúries, Museu d’arqueologia de Catalunya, 2007) Exposició Empúries juliol – setembre de 2007. Hess, Hendrik. The Roman Museum houses the most important finds from the Roman city and presents the history of Augusta Raurica. The museum also has a reconstruction of a Roman house, with artifacts and reconstructions showing daily domestic and commercial life from the Roman period. However the approximate boundaries can be determined by examining the extent of Augst in the Early Middle Ages. Fäh D (2009) Ein Erdbeben in Augusta Raurica? Two small rivers, the Ergolz and Violen, have carved a triangle in the plateau, the base of which is about 1 kilometer wide along the base of the Jura Mountains, and the apex points northward toward the Rhine, about 1 kilometer from the base. Ripperger, J., Kästli, P., Fäh, D., Giardini, D. (2009). 264 p. $112.00. La fauna i l’home a l’antiguitat. Erdbeben in der Geschichte von Basel und seiner unmittelbaren Umgebung sind seit dem 14. By the 2nd century AD, Augusta Raurica was a prosperous commercial trading centre and, in its glory days, the capital of a local Roman province. Was, wenn die Erde in Basel heute beben würde? The architect, who was responsible for executing the plans for the city, next laid a longitudinal axis across the triangle 36˚ west of north to form the main street of the settlement. The city is, therefore, well-defended by steep slopes to the north, east, and west. Übergang, Hybridität und Latenz im historischen Diskursraum von Sidonius Apollinaris bis Gregor von Tours. Basel: Schweizerischer Burgenverein, 0 since deposited on 04 Oct 2013 Augusta Raurica, auch als Colonia Augusta Rauricorum bekannt, ist eine Siedlung aus römischer Zeit am Südufer des Rheins einige Kilometer östlich von Basel, die zunächst zur Provinz Germania superior, dann ab 297 zur Provinz Maxima Sequanorum (in der Präfektur Gallia in der Diözese Dioecesis Galliarum) mit Zivilverwaltungssitz in Besançon gehörte. Augusta Raurica in a nutshell; Guided tours for families; The villa of René Clavel; Workshops. Successful colonization of the site had to wait for Augustus' conquest of the central Alps around 15 BC. Augusta Raurica is a Roman archaeological site and an open-air museum in Switzerland located on the south bank of the Rhine river about 20 km east of Basel near the villages of Augst and Kaiseraugst. Augusta Raurica is a former Roman colony and city located on the Rhine River some 11 km (7 miles) east of the modern Swiss city of Basel, in between the towns of Kaiseraugst and Augst. Um 240 n. Chr. We recommend booking Augusta Raurica tours ahead of time to secure your spot. aus seismologischer Sicht Ein Erdbeben? Jahrhunderts?, in Nachbeben, eine Erdbeben in der Schweiz (Gisler, F h, Giardini Hrsg. HAARP ist eine Technologie, welche zur Verbesserung der Reichweite des Radars und der U-Bootkommunikation ebenso eingesetzt wird wie zur Wettermanipulation und möglicherweise auch zur … Ein starkes Erdbeben zerstörte um das Jahr 250 die Stadt zum grossen Teil. Do you need to book in advance to visit Augusta Raurica? Every important public building had its specific place, starting with the temple of Jupiter as the sacred high point from which the street network would spread. (Request a copy) Kontakt. In: Mittelalter, Moyen Age, Medioevo, Temp medieval. The next step in planning the city was the surveying of the area according to the architect's plans for the city. It is the site of the oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine. This would seem to indicate the colony extended from Basel toward the mouth of the Aare, then up the Aare to the mouth of the Sigger below Solothurn, across to the Lüssel, and then back down the Birs to Basel, though this is still conjecture. März 2019 mit einem schweren, erwarteten 6.3 Erdbeben, Anomalien in den Schumann Resonanzen, einer Konjunktion mit … The western portion was given to Basel, which became a canton of Switzerland in 1501. Apart from this fragmentary reference, the first certain witness to the use of the name Augustus comes from the geographer Ptolemy in the Ancient Greek form Augústa Rauríkon (lat. Irrtümer & Fälschungen der Archäologie (pp. 165-170. Das vorangestellte Kartenmaterial zeigt die Konzentration von Erdbebenepizentren entlang der … Basel Zoo Zoo Basel is a non-profit zoo in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Diese Liste vermittelt Informationen zu Erdbeben in allen Teilen der Erde, die durch historische Berichte überliefert sind oder wegen ihrer Auswirkungen durch Medienberichte bekannt wurden. [Apolli]naris [Augusta E]merita [Raur]ica (letters in brackets are reconstructions). Augusta Raurica is the perfect excursion destination – for the whole family, for your school or for groups who wish to take a guided tour. Around 80% of the built-up area has yet to be excavated. GeoWFS BL Der GeoWFS BL ist der WFS-Dienst des Kantons Basel-Landschaft. Ein Erdbeben? It is estimated that the population reached approximately 20,000 people. ─ Augusta Raurica - Durch ein Erdbeben zerstört? Jahrhundert n. Chr. 282-283). Augusta Raurica - Bauschaden - Burg - Erdbeben - Konservierung - Mauerwerk - Ruinen - Zerfall - Zerstörung. Magazin Augusta Raurica 1997/1 ─ «Römerbrief» 1997 ─ Out of Rome - Ein aussergewöhnliches Gemeinschaftswerk ─ Fünf Jahre Haustierpark - Eine Idee wurde zum Publikumsmagneten ─ Upper class in Augusta Raurica. Zur Frage eines Erdbebens in August Raurica im 3. Engelsburg News für den 7.

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